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Jewellery of Dreams from Tuppence and Delilah!

Bryony Byrne

Posted on March 03 2019

Jewellery of Dreams from Tuppence and Delilah!

Hi everyone and welcome back to For the Love of Handmade! Can I just say I have been loving this sunshine and beautiful weather we’ve been having, I personally find it so inspiring, so not only have I been out in the fresh air a lot more, I’ve been trawling through Instagram and all social medias looking for lovely little small businesses that I can feature here on the blog. If you guys have any suggestions of what you’d like to see, please don’t hesitate to message us here on Instagram or Facebook, or drop us an email; all contact details will be listed at the end.

Today is a long overdue post about a company that I have loved since the start of this blog, back to my very first couple of weeks of setting myself the challenge to support more small businesses! (look at how far we’ve come!) Today’s blog will be all about Tuppence and Delilah, a company mentioned in the first post, but one I think deserves an extra special shout out on here. Not only am I totally in love with the products that Sharon creates in her workshop, but everything about her feed and demeanour on socials screams positivity, and I’m all about that!

I have now actually bought three items of jewellery from Tuppence and Delilah, and I have loved every single one more and more as I have come to know Sharon and the brand.

To start off I want to talk about the packaging and just how adorable it is! Even on the jiffy bag that the items are sent in it comes stamped with a little Tuppence and Delilah logo and a sticker saying ‘I love my customers’ which is the sweetest touch ever. Inside you then find a little box that is handcrafted with the logo again on the front. Once opened you find lovely aqua blue tissue paper which is wrapped around your item of choice and sealed with a little heart sticker. (Now comes the best bit!!) Once you have unwrapped this, then you will find the cutest piece of jewellery ever, attached to the cutest card with a lovely quote too.

I wanted to talk about each item individually but firstly just wanted to touch on the amazing craftsmanship that is evident with every piece, something everyone values when spending money on an item. These really are beautiful pieces and the fact they are handmade by one person in a workshop makes them just that bit more special. Another thing I love about Tuppence and Delilah is that the standard of customer service received is always second to none. Sharon is there every step of the way to ensure that the pieces are perfect for you, offering personalisation options for some items, as well as personally ensuring that your item arrives safe and sound, letting you know as soon as it is being made and dispatched, something personally invaluable to myself and others I know.

I think I have gushed enough about the brand itself, let’s get on to the pieces.

The first item I bought from Tuppence and Delilah was actually for my Best Friend on her 21st birthday and was a little bracelet with a rose gold bumble bee on it. It was perfect for my friend (she loves bumble bees) and I knew I had to have it as soon as I saw it and this is where the obsession began. Here are some pictures I took of the bracelet!


After this I knew I had to have a piece of my own and so for my birthday I was gifted the silver nugget necklace with a heart engraved into it. I wear it every single day and it’s so simple and clean that it goes with everything I wear. I cannot fault the necklace at all. It has two length settings and I personally love the length of the shorter setting, it sits perfectly on a t-shirt so it still shows for people to see. The compliments I’ve had day to day whilst wearing this gorgeous piece of jewellery are lovely. The quality of the jewellery for the price point is amazing and I’m so happy with the outcome of my purchase.

This piece was actually ordered using the gift wrap option and it was so well thought out and cute when it arrived. Not only is the wrapping paper hand stamped by Sharon herself but it comes with the cutest metal charms and a little note saying thank you also. How cute is that?!

I actually loved my necklace so much that I couldn’t resist requesting a custom order from Tuppence and Delilah shortly afterwards, and my goodness, Sharon did not disappoint. I’d had an idea for some small hoop earrings for a little while, and there was no one better than Sharon at Tuppence and Delilah to create them. From what I had already seen from my previous buys and from items posted both on Etsy and through their Instagram feed, I knew they would create the perfect item for me. I sent pictures of a similar style, and Sharon at Tuppence and Delilah took these away and not only did she create one pair for me, but two, in order for me to choose the perfect pair for myself. And Sharon did not disappoint!! When I received my earrings I was over the moon with how they came out, and the seamless detailing on the feathers is everything I was after. I really love them so much and I would recommend Tuppence and Delilah to anyone that wanted a timeless piece of jewellery for all occasions. I have included some pictures of my earrings below, and let’s all just appreciate how gorgeous they are!

All in all, I have been exceptionally happy with every piece I have bought from Tuppence and Delilah, not only from the amazing talent showcased in each buy, but through the amazing customer service received with every order too, I would highly recommend Tuppence and Delilah to anyone. 

As always I hope you’ve enjoyed this little read, I absolutely love Tuppence and Delilah and it has fast become a firm favourite on my growing list of special small businesses. If you’re looking for a gift or a little treat for yourself, then this is definitely a company you should check out, you will not be disappointed!

If you have any questions about either Tuppence & Delilah or this blog, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we would absolutely love to hear from you guys! I shall link all the products I can from Tuppence and Delilah, as well as their Etsy shop and Instagram feed too.

For the Bracelet click here.

For the Necklace click here.

For the Earrings, check out their Instagram by clicking here.

For their Etsy shop click here.

For their Instagram click here.

Thanks everyone for reading and have a fab week! X

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