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Today we'll be talking about Lunas Loft Human Accessories!

Bryony Byrne

Posted on February 03 2019

Today we'll be talking about Lunas Loft Human Accessories!

Hi everyone! Welcome back to For The Love of Handmade, and thanks for joining!

Today I wanted to talk about something very closely related to this blog, and something that I fell in love with when I first saw the collections, Lunas Loft human accessories! These include scarves, snoods and hats in a variety of designs and sizes. I was so excited when I first saw these bits, and as you all know from the first blog post, it was the Lunas Loft scarf that inspired my challenge to buy from all small businesses for my best friends 21st birthday, but it also inspired this blog too, so here we are! 

I wanted this post to be one of my first on the blog, not only to show my support to Hannah for allowing me to try something new that I now love; blogging. But i'd also like to show my support for encouraging me to look further into the world of small businesses and find a real love and passion amongst these. 

The Lunas Loft accessories are all made lovingly at home, and the Human accessory range, although a fairly new addition, is of such high quality that you'd never be able to tell. Something I love EVEN more however, is the bespoke customer service experiences that you receive from Hannah and the team also. The scarf I gave my best friend was a totally custom design, there was nothing like it in the shop at the time, and after sending through my ideas and inspiration pictures, the team at Lunas Loft went off in search of the perfect wools to create my idea. They definitely did the most amazing job in making it a reality, just look at the gorgeousness!

I know, amazing isn't it? And now they offer the same style of scarf in different colours and patterns... major heart eyes for these!

This wasn't the first piece I actually bought from the range of Human goodies that are offered, I treated myself also to a gorgeous woolly bobble hat of the most perfect burnt orange and deep smoky grey combination that I have laid eyes upon. 

It is one of the softest wools I have felt and the colour combinations are unlike anything that I have ever seen on the high street. The love and care that goes into making each item shines through in every product I've purchased, both Human and Dog and I love the ethics of the company. 

Of course there are tons upon tons of other products that you can buy for yourself from Lunas Loft, one of my favourite of their creations, and something I haven't seen anywhere else exactly like this, as of yet, is the cuddle scarves that are available for both yourself and your lovable furry friend. If you love matchy matchy, then these, as well as the snoods available, are the perfect way to go. If these aren't quite enough for you however, you can also request a completely customizable item, not only can you choose your own favourite fabric from the shop, but they can also make the perfect size for yourself. A fully bespoke custom item like no other. How great is that?! This is what I chose to do with my best friends birthday gift and it was the best decision I ever made. 

The next product made with humans in mind are the snoods! They are perfect if you need to keep your neck warm without wearing anything big and bulky. Both velvet and the jersey corduroys are so unbelievably soft you wouldn't believe. But the best of the best when it comes to the comfy snoods for humans are the minky fleece range, super soft, a little bit fluffy, and a bit of stretch. To top off the snoods you can also line them with cuddle to make them even warmer, cosier and softer!

To finish off the items, we would love to share the blankets. These are for both hound and human, ready to keep you both cosy and warm on the coldest of nights. The blankets are fully customizable, you can choose almost any fabric used for any product from the Lunas Loft shop, or if you don't see anything you like in store you can contact Hannah and her team directly and they will find the fabric of your dreams for you! They even have a range of colours they can line the blanket with for you to choose from. The blankets come in 3 sizes: small which is suitable for you toy, mini and smaller breed dogs. Medium which is a great size for a medium to large dog or for a single human to snuggle up into. Then finally the large, which is great for multiple dogs or multiple humans, the perfect kind of cuddle blanket!

Even though this blog is closely affiliated to the brand, I, as a person, would never ever gush about a brand, or products this much if I truly was not totally in love with all of the creations. Not only is my baby Frenchie the most stylish pup in the whole of East Anglia, but I am also feeling the love when wearing my pieces too! I get so many compliments in my cute little bobble hat, and this is why I wanted to share the love with you guys, our readers, too, so you can go and treat yourself to a little something from this amazing brand also. 

If, as always, you have any questions, but particularly something about the Lunas Loft products then please don't hesitate to contact us on:

For Lunas Loft specific enquiries then contact Lunas Loft through socials:

Lunas.Loft - instagram

Lunas Loft - facebook





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