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There's Something About... Lavaná Cosmetics!!

Bryony Byrne

Posted on March 24 2019

There's Something About... Lavaná Cosmetics!!

Hi everyone! Welcome back to For the Love of Handmade, I hope you’ve all had a lovely week and enjoying the small amount of sunshine we’ve received. As I’m writing this, it's absolutely beautiful outside and I cannot wait to take the dog for a nice long walk today. After a hectic few weeks, I’m in need of fresh air and a long walk!

Today I’m talking about a small business that has been mentioned on here a few times before, and I am just as obsessed with her products as I was when I wrote my valentines post on their special valentines box… that’s right, it’s Verity and her beautiful handmade bath bombs and wax melts. I’ve had quite a few things from Lavaná Cosmetics now, and so this post could be mammoth, however, I wanted to talk specifically about her bath bombs, ones that could rival any made by the large chain high street company that rhymes with slush (you know which one!)

This company is everything that makes me excited about small companies, not only from the truly amazing products that are made, down to the second-to-none customer service received from the lovely Verity. I love the interactive nature of the business, and I watch her Instagram stories daily.

I got a little creative with the photos of the bath bombs for this post, purely because I was inspired by how beautiful every creation is that I receive in my orders. I decided to theme the photos as ‘sweet treats’ as they honestly look good enough to eat, and through pairing the bath bombs alongside scoops of ice cream, you can see just how ‘sweet’ they are. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get pictures of all of the bath bombs before they mysteriously ended up in my baths (Sorry, not sorry) but I shall still explain all of the ones that I have used and the scents and effects they had on the water.

The first bath bomb I actually used was the Nutcracker bath bomb that has a gorgeous gold star painted on a deep grey bath bomb. The water goes a deep grey colour with gorgeous gold sparkle reflect through it, it looks just as lovely as it smells. This is described to be nutty, buttery and have hints of cloves in it. It is smooth and chocolatey and feels beautiful on your skin. Unfortunately this is one I don’t have a photo of, however I shall link the Lavaná Cosmetics website and all social media’s so that you can browse all the bath bombs available. To check out the nutcracker bath bomb click here.

The next ones I tried was the Mermaid Tail, also not got a photo of, however there are plenty all over the Lavaná Cosmetics Instagram. It’s one of the most popular ones that Verity sells and I can understand why. Not only is it decorated with a beautiful real shell, it smells absolutely insane! But beware, when Verity restocks these little ones tend to go very quickly, so be on your best game when they restock! There are notes of Grapefruit, Bergamot, Tea Tree and Peppermint, making for an amazingly refreshing and citrus bath bomb, transporting us straight to summer.  To check out the Mermaid tail bath bomb click here.

Now here is the fun bit!!

 The next bath bombs are ones I actually got photos of, and I thoroughly enjoyed the process of creating these photos for this blog post, and because I love the products so much, I just really wanted to do them justice.

The first bath bomb, and probably my favourite is the Boss Babe bath bomb! It’s so fun and the colours are amazing, as are, of course, the scent is too. Sweet orange mixed with peppermint and rosemary makes for a fantastic invigorating bath bomb to set you up for the day. I loved taking photos of this bath bomb and it fit perfectly with the theme of the little shoot. To view Boss Babe click here.

The next one I tried was the congestion Bath bomb, and although I didn’t use this when I was poorly or run down, it was fantastic at waking me up and getting me ready for my day. I can imagine it’d be amazing if you were feeling unwell too. With notes of eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint and lavender, it is the best equipped bath bomb to clear your head, sinuses and thoughts for the perfect day ahead. Unfortunately I smudged the side which was decorated slightly on another bath bomb, however you can still see the lovely detailing on the bath bomb. To check out Congestion click here

I was so excited to try the next bath bomb, and it did NOT disappoint! It was the Coconut Butterball bath bomb and oh my goodness it’s gorgeous!! It is the most hydrating bath bomb I have ever tried and my skin was so soft when I came out of the milky water. Another of the best sellers and it’s not hard to understand why! The glitter paint on the outside creates a slight amount of shimmer in the bath water and it’s absolutely beautiful. I loved the effect it had on me, my mood and my bath. To view the Coconut Butterball bath bomb click here.

The last bath bomb I tried was the Vanilla Latte bath bomb. I loved the details of this bath bomb with the two coffee beans placed on top, and really it hints at the beautiful scent. Made from ground Starbucks coffee beans and vanilla, making the most gorgeous rich scent for your bath. The ground coffee is a soft exfoliator also in the water, it really is a beautifully made bath bomb and makes for the most relaxing and sweet bath. To check out Vanilla Latte click here

These are just a few of the many amazing bath bombs that are offered by Verity at Lavaná Cosmetics. Every product I’ve spoken about has been linked, as well as below, I shall link the social pages of Lavaná Cosmetics as well as the website in order for you all to browse the products beyond bath bombs that are offered, including wax melts and candles.

For a small business, Lavaná Cosmetics and Verity have made such a big impact on my thoughts on small businesses, they epitomise just what a small business should be, and I am so glad I found such an amazing company.

To view Lavaná Cosmetics website click here.

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Again thank you so so much for reading and continuing to join me on my blogging journey! Hannah and I are both so grateful for the positive feedback we have had! Enjoy your week lovelies!!

Thanks for reading! X

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