Autumn Is Here! 🍂

Hannah Johnson

Posted on September 23 2021

Autumn Is Here! 🍂 | Luna's Loft

Hi guys! We’re back to talk about this year’s autumn collection. 🍂
It’s my favourite season with the trees changing from luscious greens to brilliant golds and fiery oranges. Seeing the squirrels and birds getting ready for winter as the days shorten and the temperature drops, there is something magical about this time of year. We’ve got some gorgeous fabrics in the most stunning autumn colours to match mother nature’s beauty, and we’re all about our Cuddle range to ensure we remain warm and toasty through these next few months as the world changes around us.

The Cuddle Range
There’s just no doubt you’ll want to get your hands on one of these products – whether for your furry pals or yourself, this range is sure to keep you warm and toasty. They’re perfect for autumn as the leaves change, the days get darker and walks get colder. Our cuddle products all contain an inside layer of super soft cuddle as you have seen before, but this year we have just launched our
pure cuddle products too! That means two layers of super cosy cuddle! If you haven’t already experienced it, it is one of the softest materials going, so exceptionally cosy and toasty.

In fact, we love it so much we ended up extending the range for human use too – our dogs weren’t too happy that we kept stealing their snoods and blankets at every possible chance! We have three types products available that are lined with the cuddle fabric – our snoods, scarves and blankets, and the option to also buy scrunchies in the cuddle fabric too! As usual the products come in all different sizes and with many different outer fabrics for you to choose from. If you cannot find the perfect item for you there is also the opportunity for a custom order; if you have a particular vision, we will do our absolute best to bring it to life for you! Are you one for matchy matchy? You could choose
from a scarf or snood, or perhaps a scrunchie in the same fabric and match your dogs out on this year’s autumnal walks. Maybe treat yourself to one of our blankets that you can use to wrap your pup up in after a frosty morning walk, or possibly one for yourself as you warm up with a steaming hot drink. Trust us; you’ll thank us each and every time for this recommendation - we cannot get
enough of all of ours! After every cold walk I’m back under my blanket with a good ol’ pumpkin spiced latte or cuppa tea to warm back up!

Now, we’re all too aware that as it gets colder, our furry friends end up muckier than ever. But don’t worry, most of our cuddle products are still machine washable. So you can use it to keep your pup nice and toasty on their walks and then throw them in for an quick wash so they’re back ready for their next use! Keep an eye on our washing instructions for wool snoods though, as these need a little extra attention. If you’ve got a super swimmer or bog monster we would be more inclined to recommend our wool effect snoods which look like wool but are much more durable and easy to clean.

The cuddle range is probably amongst our favourite items and is well worth the upgrade in our opinion. It’s not only functional, but believe us when we say they are the best thing to – you guessed it – cuddle up in!

The Fabrics As for the rest of our collection, we have of course stocked up on lots of new fabrics specifically for autumn so your furry friend will be right on trend. As the leaves begin to turn their brilliant oranges, gold and yellows, we’ve got fabrics in rust oranges, mustard yellows, deep wines, petrol blues and
more – whether you want tartan or patterned or something else we have so much for you and your pup. From Pumpkin Patch, the returning favourite of the Pumpkin Spice Latte (which we think we will have to write a whole blog post about, we love it that much), to Berry and Apricot and so much more, have a look around the shop and pick out your favourites.

As the days get shorter and darker, perhaps treat yourself to a nice autumnal coloured collar, treat bag or lead to go with a nice bandanna or cuddle snood for your dog. However you chose to style you and your pup this year, be sure to send your photos and tag us in your posts so we can keep up to date. We cannot wait to see what you do this Autumn!

As always be sure to tag us on Instagram for a chance to have your pup featured on our page. If you would like to see them featured on our website feel free to drop us and email with your photos too!

Let us know in the comments which is your favourite fabric for Autumn!


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