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Dog Friendly Devon

Hannah Johnson

Posted on July 10 2019

Dog Friendly Devon

Hey guys!

I've been wanting to get back to blogging for a while now, and thought that our trip to Devon would be the perfect place to start! Mostly I just want to share with you just how wonderful Woolacombe is to visit, and how many amazing shops and cafes are dog-friendly! 🐾

Our trip started with a very full truck and a super long drive down. The traffic was horrendous on Friday travelling down the M5, which I'm sure many of you can relate to at the moment! Roadworks everywhere! Usually, it's plain sailing for us though leaving nice and early on a Friday morning, but we can always have it easy can we?! 😆

We got there mid-afternoon in the end, but the weather was glorious and so worth the drive! It was actually hotter than anticipated so my first thought was I needed something to help keep Aurora cool! We had parasols and windbreaks to help offer shade, but I knew it was still going to be too warm for her. And super annoyingly I had lost her usual cooling coat - which I won't tell you... I found it the day after we got home. 🙈

 pet shop devon
Off to the pet shop!

I knew straight away that I was going to be heading off to Koola Life, the best pet shop with the friendliest owner in North Devon! We picked up some Frozzys frozen yoghurt for dogs, and a Hurtta cooling vest, and of course we had to pick up some extra treats! This vest came in super handy for the rest of the weekend, dare I say I prefer it to our usual cooling coat as it doesn't move around as much when she's running around, and could still wear it while in the sea. 

border collie on the beach
The Hurtta Cooling vests are great for moving around in!

Once Aurora was kitted up with her new cooling vest, which the shop owner very kindly soaked for me, we went off to our next favourite shop in Woolacombe, Hunter. We love Hunter, the owners and staff are so friendly and their shops have a great selection of clothes, wetsuits, swimwear, shoes, beachy homeware, gifts and more. Not to mention they are dog-friendly! I made a B-line for their new own branded hoodies as theirs are some of the comfiest I have ever owned! The new design is super cute though, the yellow was my favourite. 😍

Hunter Devon
My new favourite hoodies in the top left corner! Besides my Luna's Loft one of course...

After our trip to Hunter's top shop, we then decided to make our way down to the beach. But we couldn't go down without stopping in to say hello to our favourite surf school! Also another Hunter shop, again they have such lovely staff, all the surf instructors are qualified and they don't just give you a cheap old board to surf on. Their foam board are really buoyant, great for those that are learning! If you ever decide you want to learn how to surf, these guys come highly recommended by us. And of course, they let the dogs in.

hunter surf school woolacombe

We then had some fun on the beach, relaxing and playing in the water for an hour or so before we decided we best go and set the tent up for the weekend! Aurora is so amazing on the beach, so well behaved.

Woolacombe is great because it has 3 sections of beach, one where there are no dogs allowed - which is great for those who are unsure of dogs or who have small children who are likely to go and say hello to any dog in sight without asking first, yes I was one of those annoying children and my parents had to keep tabs on me all the time, I'm pretty sure I had reins. 😂

Then you have the section of beach where dogs are allowed on the beach but must be kept on a lead. After this section (which is signposted) they are allowed off the lead anywhere! So we of course head down to the off-lead section, Aurora will just lay right by my side when I stop and sit or lay down to sunbathe which is just amazing.

border collie on the beach
Who's a good girl?

That evening we set the tent up and just flopped for the evening, Aurora was tired from the journey and her day's adventures so it was an early night for us all ready for the next day! 

The following day we went to meet up with some friends for breakfast! Off to our favourite dog-friendly restaurant, The Captains Table. They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner all with gluten-free and vegan menus available - yay! I'm such a pain when it comes to food places as they must be dog-friendly AND offer gluten-free food, #dreamcustomer 😂

Captains Table Woolacombe Dog Friendly

After breakfast, it was straight down to the beach! My back was still in a fair bit of pain so sadly I wasn't going to be joining in on the fun they had planned, but instead chilling on the beach with the dogs and another friend. The other got all the kayak and paddleboards ready then we headed down. We set up a well-shaded spot for the dogs again and not too far from the sea so we could go cool them off when needed. We chilled for a bit, took some photos then went for a play in the water.

grey lurcher border collie patterdale

Meet Ted the lurcher, Aurora's favourite chase buddy.

border collie on the beach

Lunchtime! This time we switched things up a bit though, we headed off to Sea Breeze for some lunch - OMG they had gluten-free pasties! And ice cream cones! These guys have the best ice cream here too, which is specially made just for them! Then we went and played some miniature gold which you might have seen in my stories on Instagram. I didn't take the camera though, it was enough concentration to work on Aurora's leave in-between each hole. #ballobsessed
She was super good though! You could see her working hard to resist the temptation of the ball but she made me so proud.

Sea breeze ice cream cafe in Woolacombe, Devon. Border collie sat outside.

To finish off Saturday we headed down to Barricane beach for dinner, which again you may have seen on my stories on Instagram. They have a super cool cafe which gets craned in and out of the beach every season. 😱
They do an amazing curry though, Srilankan, and the first time I've ever tried it. Very yummy indeed. 😋
Barricane Beach is dog-friendly but they must be kept on a lead while down there. After dinner, we had a little search for some sea glass and a little look in the rockpools. 

border collie on the beach rockpool

Sunday was very chill, the same routine for breakfast then we headed down to Barricane again as it was quieter and more sheltered from the wind. We went rockpool hunting again and played in the sea before heading home from what had been a great weekend! The journey home was much easier, nowhere near as much traffic thank goodness!

border collie splash
Gotta catch dem splooshes.

All in all, we had an absolutely fantastic weekend! It was so good to finally get the camera back out again too. I felt like I just hadn't had the chance to take photos just for the fun of it for months, so we seriously made up for it. 😆We'll post below a few more photos and a couple of places we didn't get a chance to properly visit.

So tell me in the comments, where's your favourite dog-friendly place to go on holiday? And what's the worst long car journey you've ever had? 🙈

Thank you for reading guys!
Hannah 🐾


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