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Posted on April 19 2021

Life Of Riley Treats | Luna's Loft

Here it is! The first of our new blog posts about the wonderful small businesses that we stock on our website. I really do hope you all enjoy the new theme to our blog, and find some great businesses too!

Starting off strong with the lovely Sarah from Life Of Riley.

When it comes to our pets I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to ensure I’m giving them treats with the best ingredients and as natural as possible. So when we came across Life of Riley we were very excited as they have a wide range of handmade, healthy and grain free treats available. They have an amazing range of treats for our pups but also a small range for cats and small animals, with natural and tasty rabbit and guinea pig treats.

Not only are they natural they also look amazing too. There are treats shaped like macaroons, bones, gingerbread men, cookies and even iced donuts so perfect if you’re looking for something Insta pic worthy! You can even pick up some cute gift box sets and some amazing looking Pupcakes and Birthday cakes for your pup which are again all grain free and natural and have an amazing 6 month shelf life!

What’s even better is their packaging is Sustainable & Eco Friendly & things like the Donut biscuits & individual Pupcakes can be gift bagged in compostable bags. A massive tick in my books.

I also love that they don’t just specialise in dog treats. They’ve developed their own natural Paw & Nose Balm which is perfect for pups that suffer from dry and scratchy paw pads as it helps to add a layer of moisture and protection for their paws.

Below are a few questions we put forward to Sarah:

What inspired you to start up Life Of Riley?
When Riley was 7 we discovered he had lots of food intolerances, mainly meat products. It made it so hard to find treats he enjoyed as he is sooo fussy! So I started making his at home, in my kitchen. Then I realised how popular they were and how many other dogs suffered from the cheap treats full of nasties. I then decided to convert an old stone outbuilding in the garden into a commercial bakery and we’ve never looked back!

Where are your treats made?
In our dedicated bakery in our garden, it’s a beautiful 170 year old sandstone building. We live in a really rural area surrounded by hills and are truly very lucky to love what we do and where we work!


Are there any rules and regulations you have to abide by as a treat company?
Absolutely, and a lot of people don’t realise quite how much and the paperwork is extensive. Every pet feed manufacturer needs to be insured, licensed and registered. Our bakery is inspected and our treats are lab tested, It's so important you check this. It is also not advisable to prepare pet feed in a home kitchen either, the guidance is clear that it should be kept separate due to the dangers of cross contamination. This is why we have a dedicated building specifically for our treats! Be vigilant, your dogs are your babies, so ensure you do your checks!


Your coconut macaroons for dogs are so original! What made you come up with this idea?
Good question! If I’m honest, I feel like it must have come to me when making coconut macaroons for my husband. I knew of the fantastic health benefits of coconut, so it was a no brainer. They are the most popular treat and we are the only ones who make them!


What is your favourite treat to make?
Macaroons for sure! All our treats smell delicious but especially these, make me hungry though haha and as I know how much they are enjoyed and how nutritious they are it makes it even more of a pleasure to handmake for our lovely poochies!


Are your treats grain free?
Yep, all our dog treats are natural & grain free. We use specialised flour which is milled in the UK and of the finest quality, it’s what sets our treats apart from the rest.


How old does my puppy need to be before they can try your treats?
We always play safe when asked this, 12 weeks for large breeds, 16 weeks for smaller breeds. The macaroons are the best option to try if you’re not sure as they are easier for little teeth.


Does your dog have any favourites of all your treats?
Crickey, I’m mentioning macaroons a lot but these are definitely Riley’s favourite! Hedwig our 3-legged Siamese cat will often try and have nibble too!

peanut butter dog treats

I think it’s clear to see that Sarah puts a lot of love into making these treats. I just love the fact that they are all handmade, natural, grain free and yet still have a fab shelf life on them. If you’re looking for some fun handmade treats for everyday or maybe a birthday gift box or cake for your pup then you don’t need to look any further than Life of Riley for sure. 

Has you pup ever tried anything from their range? If not what are you most excited to get your paws on from the amazing treat collection? Let us know in the comments!


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Written for us by the wonderful Fiona Lines, owner of @super.cooper.of.the.cotswolds

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