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Posted on June 29 2021

Memory Mosaics | Luna's Loft


We're back again with another blog post! This time we're not talking about one of the small businesses that we stock, but we are talking about a business who makes such an amazing product that we couldn't help but share. Memory mosaics create such beautiful keepsakes which you can keep for years and years. I had a mosaic made out of Bee's puppy items! I always like to keep some of their puppy bits, but to have them turned into something I can have out on display is amazing! I'll be sure to have one for each of my dogs. 

So let's have a chat with Helen who is the founder and creator at Memory Mosaics. 



What inspired you to start up Memory Mosaics?

"Our cat, Barney passed away a couple of years ago.  We opted for a private cremation, knowing we would like to have something custom made from his ashes.  At the time, we didn’t know what and we discussed lots of ideas.  Jewellery, as beautiful as that is, seemed too intimate and glassware wasn’t really our thing.  We wanted something unique and a little bit quirky and finally decided an ornamental keepsake would suit us. Something we could put on show in the home and see daily.  We liked the idea of a large letter B and asked our local artist if she could make as a commission piece for us.  Our idea was to use broken pieces of Barney’s ceramic bowls (bowls that our children had handmade when they were little) for mosaic art and incorporate some of Barney’s ashes into the grout.  The concept worked, and we loved it!! Our B sits on our windowsill in the kitchen and we get to see him every day!   It has so much attachment and puts a smile on our faces every day!  I thought “if this keepsake is so perfect for us, then maybe it would be for others too?”  Not for everyone I’m sure, but perfect for some!  So, with the help of our local artist, I learned everything mosaicking and following lots of practice, started Memory Mosaics in 2020."



What kind of items can you use when making these beautiful keepsakes?

"Ceramic bowls are essential as you need a material that is easy to break and the depth for grouting.  Unfortunately, metal, and plastic bowls are not suitable for mosaic.

Additional items such as a collar, lead, tag, ball, toy, and any other personal items can be added to the finished mosaic piece.  It is important to note though that items provided would need to be cut and adapted and its important the customer is happy with that.

When I receive the pet belongings, I always wait a few days before I start any work.  I regularly look at the items and play around with lots of ideas before making my final decision on design.  My customers also very kindly supply me with a photo of their pet which helps me to see them and imagine their character.  It’s strange as I’m often told the Memory Mosaic I’ve created really does reflect their character and personality without me having even known them!  I guess their belongings have been chosen to reflect their personality in the first place!"

How big are your base letters?

"Every letter is 20cm high x 2.5cm thick.  The width will depend on the letter.  The weight varies 400-600g dependent on the letter style and weight of attachments.

They are heavy enough to stand alone but not heavy enough to support anything.  For example, they could not be used as a book end.  A perfect setting would be on a windowsill, shelf, or cabinet top." 

How long do these mosaics take you to make?

"The order lead time for a Memory Mosaic is 2 weeks from receipt of their pet belongings.  Each mosaic takes around 12-15 “hands on” hours to make but is broken down into 4 processes with 24 hours drying time between each process.  Process 1) cutting and creating the mosaic 2) grouting 3) painting 4) adapting and adding the personal belongings to the finished mosaic (this can be very time consuming)."

Do you offer gift vouchers to be able to give to friends?

"I don’t currently but would be happy to - please use the contact details below to contact me for more information."


Are these only for dogs who have passed over the rainbow bridge?

"Not at all, a Memory Mosaic could be for any pet or animal companion.  I’ve had enquiries from horse owners and also for a “puppy things” keepsake.  The purpose of a Memory Mosaic is to capture wonderful memories, whether still with us or over the rainbow bridge."

How do I get items to you?

"Once an order has been placed, an address will be provided for you to send your pet belongings to. The finished Memory Mosaic will be despatched to you by secure trackable next day delivery."



Thank you so much to Helen for taking the time to answer all those questions,. And a big thank you to you for taking the time to read about these beautiful keepsakes! We hope you find all our recommendations helpful for you and your pets. Let us know in the comments! 


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