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Why You Need Something From the Summer Fruits Collection!!

Bryony Byrne

Posted on August 16 2019

Why You Need Something From the Summer Fruits Collection!!

Hi everyone and welcome back to the Lunas Loft blog, Bryony and Murphy here. Today we’re wanting to talk about the Summer Fruits collection and how there is only a couple of weeks of this amazing collection left on the website before the autumn collection is introduced. Don’t get me wrong, we are so excited for the autumn collection and to see the new combinations that Hannah comes up with, continuing to wow us with her amazing designs. But personally, I think this has been one of the most well-constructed collections of Lunas Loft, all of the colours match perfectly and look amazing on all those wearing the accessories. Today we are bringing to your attention a few of the perfect summer fruits items that we are loving the most, running through fabrics, design, colour and quality, so you know exactly what you’re getting with any of these fab products.

Something I would also like to address with this collection is the versatility of all the colours in this collection. They really can be worn through all the seasons and so whether its summer or winter, spring or autumn, these can be worn whenever you feel like it and they match the colours of the season perfectly. I will be including photos of Murphy modelling the products as well as close-ups of the items without filters so you can see the true colour and design of all items.

First off I want to talk about the Mulberry Bush bandana and just how beautiful it is. This has to be one of my favourite pieces of the whole collection and I love how it pops so well on Murphy’s fur too. This is also one of the most versatile of the collection, with the summery colours being muted enough so that they can carry on through to winter beautifully. The fabric is gorgeously thick and the quality of these really is second to none. We now own many a frayed bandana (as can be seen from our Instagram) and we won’t be stopping purchasing these anytime soon. It is tightly woven for maximum effect and to make the pattern come out much stronger too. These truly are beautifully made and the attention to detail is unlike anything else in the dog accessory market.

All bandanas come with the standard fastening of two poppers on the back for both comfort and ease. Poppers also allow you to turn down the tops to make the length of the bandana shorter for all our short-necked friends. By fastening with the two poppers it allows some room for growth, usually around 2 inches for each size, perfect for your pup that is potentially still growing. Through using poppers the bandanas also sit nicer on the neck and don’t bunch up as some do through tie -on’s and over the collar styles.

The next thing that I’d love to talk about from the Summer Fruits collection is the amazing Biothane collars that were released as well. In all honesty, I was a bit sceptical of these, I love my muted tones, and I’ve always been a big fan of leather, and I didn’t think that the Biothane collars would hold the same quality that leather does. BOY was I wrong!! The quality of the Biothane collars is absolutely amazing. I love the feel of the material, as well as the designs and the flexibility of it too. Having quite a chunky dog, I do unnecessarily worry about collars, and Murphy rarely wears on, however when I received my ‘You’re the Berry Zest’ I could see how this was actually more comfy for him as it does have more give and movement to it than a leather one does, meaning it bends more and moves with him, but keeping its own shape amazingly. The colours of this collar were amazing, so vibrant and perfect for summer, but also with the red being the most perfect tone to carry you through all seasons.

This collar also came with the addition of the ‘Berry Cute’ charm, which is a brand new option for Lunas Loft starting with the Summer Fruits collection, and it makes the cutest little addition to these already lovely products. There are multiples to choose from, including a lemon slice and a leaf which match so many of the prints from the collection. These were also introduced along with patches perfect for summer that can be added to your bandanas to make it a truly unique accessory for your furry friend.

I shall in fact be doing another blog post all on the benefits of a Biothane collar over others soon, along with videos of how well and easily they clean, and the easy movement of them. Now that I’ve had a Biothane collar, I really don’t think I will be looking back to leather. They look just as good with even more amazing benefits for your dog!! It’s a no brainer for me…

The final accessory that I wanted to highlight from the Summer Fruits collection is my Fruit Punch luxury soft rope TWISTER lead. As many of you will know, Lunas Loft is famous for its super soft rope leads that are amazing for all dogs and come in 6mm, 9mm and 12mm rope widths for the perfect size for all dogs. These new twister rope leads are even more special and are the perfect way of combining not only 2 but 3 of your favourite rope colours!! How amazing is that?! There is a spliced section in the middle of the lead that combines these colours, add this to your favourite whipping colour and you have a totally unique lead to show off on all your walkies. These are only available in 9 mm and 12 mm. The Fruit Punch lead that I have is the perfect composition of all things summer with a light natural rope mixed with green, pink and red spliced in the middle with a gorgeous coral coloured whipping. It is to die for. These may make your rope lead dreams come true! They’re also incredibly durable and sturdy, and no safety is ever compromised when making these twister rope leads either. This is the best news for you and your pup, not only can you have THE most stylish dog accessory on the market, but also one of the safest as well!

My Fruit Punch lead also came with the Berry Cute charm, a gorgeous little strawberry that adds the perfect pop of summer to an already totally on-trend summer accessory for your dog.

The pictures I’ve included not only show how it looks on your pup but also what it looks like during those leash off walks, round your neck! Not only is this rope the softest I have ever felt, but goes with any outfit for those of you slightly more fashion-conscious amongst us. If I’m going to look like a plonker in my wellies, joggers, raincoat and a bum bag, I might as well have the most fashionable dog accessories in the dog park instead.

The collection also included beautiful snood designs, many made from a gorgeous lightweight chiffon fabric that is perfect for the hot summer weather we have had as well! They also had all new treat pouches in a brand new updated design made in the gorgeous summer fruits prints. As well as the gorgeous rope leaders also, Lunas Loft provides matching rope collars, for those that love a fully matching little furry pal.

All in all, it honestly is one of our most favourite collections from Lunas Loft to date, and with all the new styles and twists on old favourites, I really cannot wait to see what Hannah does for the autumn collection. If you have loved any of the products that have been mentioned in the blog, then please please be quick in grabbing it! We only have a few more weeks of the Summer Fruits collection being on sale, and with so many amazing pieces, you really do not want to miss this!! You can also use either of the codes LLMURPHY10 or COLLIECOMFORTS10 for 10% off any of the Summer Fruits collection!! Also, watch all Lunas Loft social media for special discount days and code grabs.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little in depth blog on a few pieces from the Summer Fruits collection. If you have any queries over this then please don’t hesitate to contact Hannah via the Lunas Loft social media pages or the email lunasloftuk@gmail.com or you can contact us at @murphythefrenchiepup on Instagram and Facebook and we can pass any queries on. Have a fab week everyone.

Bryony and Murphy x

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