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Compostable Poo Bags Refill

Compostable Poo Bags Refill

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From the Maker

Dog poo bags made from plants that naturally breakdown leaving zero waste behind!

The biggest difference between our bags and most others out there is that ours are made from all natural materials (mainly cornstarch). They contain no plastic and are certified to breakdown in 3-6 months when composted. They contain no harmful additives and when they breakdown, they leave no harmful chemicals behind. 

Product Features

  • Compostable bags certified to EN13432 standards
  • No handles
  • 20 Microns thick, totally leakproof
  • Large enough for dogs of all sizes
  • Unscented
  • Available in pink or grey
  • 8 Rolls per pack


Non-Handle Bags come retail packed in FSC approved cardboard


These poo bags are not handmade.

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