Handmade accessories for Human and Hound

Super Soft Rope

We get a lot of questions about our rope, the main one is "Is it really that soft". The answer is yes, it really is a soft cotton rope. The reason for this is that the spin of the rope is not as tight as your usual standard cotton rope. This means the rope is less dense, and therefore not as coarse.

People then worry that the strength is compromised, however our rope still have a very safe breaking load for use with dogs. Our recommended thicknesses for different weight categories are 6mm for dogs under 5kg, 9mm for dogs under 12kg and 12mm for dogs under 90kg. If your dog is a heavy puller we always suggest going up a thickness for comfort in your hand.

The rope we use is certified by the Seal of Cotton for its' authentic and iconic fiber content. Our cotton ropes are natural, renewable and have environmentally friendly benefits. 

The warnings we give are:

  • If your dog has a tendency to chew their leads we advise not purchasing our leads
  • Due to the rope not being spun as tightly as other cotton ropes it is easier to untwist. This is easily rectified by simply spinning the rope tightly back in the natural direction and pulling gently.

Another bonus to this rope is that is is one of only very few that you can actually machine wash without loosing colour! Most rope collars and leads are hand dyed, whereas the fibres of this rope are coloured before it is spun. This allows the rope to hold its colour while being washed. For specific washing instructions please look in the product descriptions. 

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