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Autumn Nights - Super Soft Luxury Rope Lead

Autumn Nights - Super Soft Luxury Rope Lead

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Super soft cotton rope dog leads. This is the softest rope I have ever used, it's literally incredible. For those deterred by rope leads because of the coarse feel, I'm sure this will change your mind.

All our leads are made by hand, using traditional hand splicing and sailors whipping methods. Our rope is not hand dyed, it is dyed before it is spun which means it is machine washable! Please see the details below for washing instructions.

All colours are available as standard clip leads, slip leads and training leads. Our training leads are multifunctional, with 3 O rings knotted down the length of the lead and a clip at either end so you can change the length of your lead while out on a walk! Training leads can also be used to clip around you so you can walk hands-free, perfect for training so you can focus on your dog rather than on what your hands are doing with the lead.


Product Features

  • Super Soft cotton rope
  • Comes with sage whipping as standard
  • Hand spliced and whipped 
  • Nickel hardware
  • Upcycled rope core
  • Available as a clip, slip or training lead
  • 5 Feet long slip or clip
  • 4 - 6.5 Feet long training lead which has a clip at both ends and 3 O rings so you can change the length of your lead as needed.
  • O ring on the handle for attaching tassels, poo bag holders, treat bags, etc.

Product Care

  • Machine washable
    • No higher than 30ºC
    • No higher than 600 spin
    • Must be washed in a laundry bag
    • Always make sure all metal hardware is well covered to protect your machine
  • Be sure to dry completely before putting away as the natural cotton rope can rot if left damp
  • Do not machine dry
  • Do not ring out, squeeze out excess water if wet then hang to dry
  • Be sure to check the product regularly for signs of wear and tear
  • We cannot be held responsible if anyone or your pet comes to any harm while using our products

Lead Size Guide

If your dog pulls a lot we always suggest going up a thickness, 12mm is the most comfortable for a dog that pulls. 

Size Rope Diameter Dog Size
Small 6 mm  Up to 6kg
Medium 9 mm Up to 12kg
Large 12 mm Up to 96kg

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