Bybenji Biltong

ByBenji Biltong - Food Topper 30g

ByBenji Biltong - Food Topper for Dogs - 30g

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From The Maker

ByBenji Topper, a mix of our blended Biltong and air cured herbs

  • Sprinkle over meal times to enhance a fussy eaters appetite.
  • The Perfect addition to fill a treat toy.
  • Use as a ‘pill giver’ when medication is a “No No”
  • Freeze in an ice cube for an iced treat!


ByBenji Topper, is a pouch of our blended biltong and air-cured herbs.

Just a pinch to sprinkle over any food bowl to excite and incentivise any mealtime experience.

Fussy eaters taste buds will be woken up, and happy eaters will be given a change as good as a treat!

Also perfect as a “pill giver’, or try freezing inside an ice cube for a tasty iced treat, the possibilities are as endless as your dogs appetite!


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